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Return is a female founded, early stage investment company built on the steadfast belief that you can generate high investment returns and do a lot of good at the same time. We believe that most of the world’s brightest minds are gravitating to this philosophy and that outsized financial and social returns will soon become the goal.We believe in freedom to create wealth, but not at the expense of communities needlessly suffering. Impact investing isn’t a case of, “good people making poor decisions,” and more a case of, “smart investors creating meaningful change”.Our model can be explained without fancy language, clever tricks or interactive graphics. We simply find terrific opportunities with creative founders who have an idea or a company in its Seed or Series A stage. We support with our capital, expertise and networks, attract others to co-invest actively or passively, and quickly build talented teams to fill every imaginable gap. We nurture our investments to deliver outsized financial returns, are transparent and accountable, all while catalyzing social and environmental change.


A hands on approach


We invest in companies where we can add value with our team’s extensive experience in finance, operations, development, distribution, marketing, product ideation and execution.



We only invest in businesses that contribute to solving real problems while creating meaningful opportunities for people around the world, at scale.


We invest and co-invest in early stage and seed rounds with typical check size of $200k independently and up to $1M as a group



Consumer Goods, Mental Health & Wellness, Media, Hospitality & Tourism, Real Estate, Technology



We provide the environment where we get to know each other, we partner you with experts, we help fill in the gaps



Return invests in businesses directly, holding its interests in special purpose vehicles. Return syndicates its investments and also provides opportunity for investors to join the firm as Limited Partners, taking advantage of deals in progress and future deal flow. Our portfolio opportunities represent high return with risk mitigation from our hands on approach.


We provide the environment where we get to know each other, we partner you with experts, we help fill in the gaps and we promise a little fun along the way. Please email and let us know who you are, a brief background or a current linkedin profile, and a quick overview of your idea where you are in the process including:

What problem are you solving?
What solution to you pose?
What’s the size of the market?
Why does it matter and why now?

We’re an open book bunch from very diverse backgrounds. Non-judgmental, consistently pushing, not bothered if you went to Harvard or skipped school, and care about who you are not who you know. Pretty simple stuff.

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